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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use

Please read your Vacation Rental Agreement carefully before you begin your vacation.

Any monies received by Platinum Maui Vacations a dba of Vacation Marketing Inc. (herein referred to as PMV) for occupancy of Vacation Property indicated the acceptance of the terms of our Vacation Rental Agreement in full. All policies are strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of all guests and members of their party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental.

RENTER REQUIREMENTS: For legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be the same as the credit/debit card holder. This person is considered to be the Guest. All other persons involved with the rental are considered to be the Guest's invitees, and all discussion regarding reservation, cancellation, and damage policies will be discussed with the Guest, not the Guest's invitees. The Guest understands that the PMV rents to responsible adults over the age of 21 ONLY.

DOWN PAYMENT/ PAYMENT: A reservation can be made with a 25% down payment paid by credit card when the reservation is made. Full payment is charged 60 days prior to scheduled arrival date. The credit card must have an expiration date that extends beyond your stay. If a reservation is made less than 60 days prior to arrival, full payment is due when the reservation is made. Your Credit Card will be charged if additional cleaning is needed or damages to the premises and/or contents. A $35.00 service charge will be incurred for any return check.

BALANCE PAYMENT: A reminder notice will be emailed out before we process the balance to the credit card on file. Balance is due no later than 60 days prior to your arrival date. We can keep the balance payment on the same credit card used for the initial payment or you can call with a different card.

Upon departure please be sure that all doors and windows are secured, air-conditioners and fans are turned off, garbage is emptied to the trash receptacles out in the parking area enclosures and dishes are clean. Housekeeping will be in at 10:00 to wash all linens and clean your condo.

As a condition to the rental of all PMV Properties, PMV reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit card for any and all uncovered Guest/Invitee caused losses and damages sustained to the Vacation Property throughout the duration of their period of occupancy. In the event of any uncovered Guest/Invitee-caused loss or damage to the Vacation Property, including, but not limited to, undue cleaning, eviction, service calls, service charges, fines/assessments, repairs or replacements, plus all applicable taxes, PMV is hereby granted the right to charge the Guest's credit card. An itemized statement outlining all associated costs will be sent via regular or electronic mail to the address submitted by the Guest at such time as the reservation was booked. By written or electronic endorsement of this Agreement, the Guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above and on the proceeding pages.

UPON ARRIVAL: Look around the condo. If there are concerns or issues with your rental property, please immediately contact our 24/7 on call number; 808-205-2833 (leave a message if there is no answer).

EMERGENCIES/ MAINTENANCE: In the event of a problem getting in the condo or if there are problems with condition or functionality of the condo, please immediately contact the Management at 808 205-2833. You can either text if it’s a casual question/issue not requiring an immediate answer or leave a voice mail. If it is after office hours, we will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible. If it is an urgent situation, please continue to call 808-205-2833 or call Kapalua security @ 808-665-9101. IF IT’S A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY CALL 911; Otherwise, you will be contacted during normal business hours.

ARRIVAL TIME: Formal Check In is at 4 pm but we do accommodate earlier arrivals IF POSSIBLE.

DEPARTURE TIME: Check out is at 10 am. Your prompt departure is appreciated so we can prepare the condo for any incoming guests. Late departures must be pre-arranged and may be charged an additional rate.

CANCELLATIONS: We strive to cultivate lasting relationships with our guests that ensure many return visits but like all accommodation providers, must have a cancellation policy, here is ours: *Cancellation or changes of reservations with advance payments:
~Any changes that are made MORE than sixty (60) days prior to the check in date will not be penalized, [exceptions would be any “third party” charges, (ex: Homeaway/Vrbo/Airbnb/ Trip Advisor etc), service fees or credit card processing fees out of our control IF they exist].
~Cancellations that are made LESS than (60) days prior to the check in date but more than 30 days will qualify for a 50% refund less possible third-party charges mentioned previously.
~Cancellations that are made LESS than (30) days of the check in date forfeit the full advance payment unless we are able to re-rent. If there is a deficit in price for the replacement reservation, that amount will be retained as will a cancellation charge of $250.00 or 10% of total booking amount, whichever is greater.

Any changes made within (30) days of the check in date that result in a shortened stay, change of dates, change of location or unit, may result in loss of entire advance payment. Cancellations and early departures due to inclement weather or natural disaster do not warrant any refund of rent.

POWER/ WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATION: PMV does NOT issue refunds due to acts of nature such as: weather, road conditions, power outages or forest fires, but Travel Protection Insurance does provide some protection against these instances. If the property is uninhabitable due to such circumstances and you did not purchase insurance, reservations can be rescheduled for future dates within one year of the reservation date.

VACATION RENTAL INSURANCE: PMV does NOT CURRENTLY offer Trip Cancellation and Travel Insurance. The plan can be purchased through third party providers, and we strongly recommend it; (Rental Guardian and CSA are a couple of mainstream companies). In case of unforeseen events, this insurance helps protect your vacation investment. IF YOU CHOOSE NOT TO PURCHASE THIS COVERAGE, NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN WITHIN THE 60 DAY PERIOD.

CHANGE IN NUMBER OF GUESTS/CONDUCT OF GUESTS: Guest(s) agrees that more than the number of people stated on the original reservation shall not occupy the premises. Unauthorized people at the condo at any time will result in a double charge for each additional guest or a maximum occupancy charge (whichever is more). The rental is not intended for parties, nor gatherings at any time of anyone except those who have paid to occupy the property. Exceptions are made on an individual basis - please contact PMV for prior approval. If there is excessive noise or music, any illegal activity, or evidence of violation of these policies, you may be asked to vacate the premise without any refund and additional charges may be assessed. Please inform us of any change in the number of guests before your arrival to avoid these charges and so the condo can be prepared appropriately for your group. No exceptions or refunds are given for changes in the number of guests after your arrival.

CLEANING FEE(s): A non-refundable cleaning fee is required with all reservations. This fee is for our housekeepers who dust, vacuum, sanitize, clean linens and towels, and remove refuse from the property. Guest(s) are required to follow all check out procedures detailed in this agreement and leave the property in the same general and good habitable condition it was in when the Guest(s) arrived. Undue and/or unreasonable cleaning of the condo shall be charged to the Guest's/Cardholder's credit card as an Additional Cleaning Charge at a rate of up to $45/hour, with a one hour minimum. This also applies to the property exterior, grounds and BBQs.

CLEANING REQUIREMENTS: A starter supply of expendable supplies such as paper goods and soaps are provided for “up to” one week estimated for the number of guests included in the original reservation; please bring additional if you feel this will not be adequate. Basic cleaning equipment like a vacuum, broom and dustpan are stocked to do your own cleaning during your stay. Housekeeping is not provided during your stay unless previously arranged. Failure to comply with pre-departure cleaning requirements resulting in excessive cleaning will be charged to your credit card at $45/hour, with a one-hour minimum:
1. Place soiled towels in the bathtub. Please do not leave wet towels piled for days but rather wash and dry or hang them up to airdry so mildew and the smell does not set into the fabric. 2. All dirty dishes, cookware and eating utensils should be washed, rinsed, dried and put away in the proper location. 3. Floors should be in generally good condition and ready to be vacuumed by our housekeepers. 4. All household trash, garbage, recycling and/or other discarded items should be properly bagged up so as to avoid spillage/leakage and deposited in the proper refuse containers provided out the front in the parking lot or on the drive inside the small enclosures with doors. Please remember that tropical islands have insects and critters you do not want in your condos. BE SURE TO KEEP ALL FOOD PUT AWAY IN THE REFER and counters wiped down. GECKO LIZARDS HOWEVER ARE CONSIDERED GOOD LUCK AND A WELCOME ADDITION TO HOUSEHOLDS HERE IN THE ISLANDS. They also eat many of the unwanted insects previously mentioned. (Truthfully, we cannot keep geckos out even if we wanted to). 5. Oven and microwave should be left clean and free of food. 6. All appliances (stove, cooktops, oven, BBQ, etc.) should be left in a clean condition and free of spills and grease. YOU WILL BE CHARGED EXTRA IF OVENS AND MICROWAVES ARE SCORCHED WITH SPILLED FOOD. 7. Please wipe down counters and other surfaces. 8. All litter must be picked up from the premises and placed in the outside garbage cans, tied securely in trash bags. 9. GLITTER AND CONFETTI ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY PROPERTY, INSIDE OR OUTSIDE.

LINENS & TOWELS: Bath towels, sheets, pillows, blankets and beach towels are provided. DO NOT take other linens aside from Beach Towels outside or to the beach. All units have their own laundry facilities with soap available for up to one week. Guests staying longer than one week can either hire us to provide mid-cleans or purchase their own soap products beyond the first week.

SMOKING: SMOKING of any kind including VAPING is NOT ALLOWED in our VILLAS or on OUR LANAIS; this is STRICTLY ENFORCED! A minimum $500 charge, (could be more if the damage cost exceeds this minimum), will be applied to your credit card for smoking in your unit or on your lanai to cover the cost of what’s involved with removal of nicotine residue and smell. Smoking is not allowed within 50’ of any building or structure on Kapalua Golf or Bay Villa property. Oil lamps and incense are not permitted due to the long-lasting odor. If these policies are violated, there will be a charge for excessive cleaning.

PLUMBING: PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANY FEMININE PRODUCTS OR “FLUSHABLE WIPES” IN THE TOILET. They get caught up in our pipes and expensive professional plumbers are needed to snake the drains clean. The toilets are water-saving models and don't have a strong flush - limiting the amount of toilet paper used will help prevent a clog. Plungers are provided if a clog occurs. Please do not pour grease down the drains. Please do not put things down sink disposal that are common to clog them including potato, banana, avocado, carrot or any other peels.

INTERNET & PHONE CALLS: All our condos have free secured and dedicated WIFI and some properties are equipped with a telephone for local calls.

PETS: Pets of any kind are NOT allowed. Please do not feed the birds on the lanais because of the mess they leave behind and their ongoing return visits after you depart. If you are so inclined to feed the local wildlife, (feral cats, mongoose, birds etc), please do so off property.

Pool: An adult must always accompany children under 14 within the pool gate. No glass items in the pool. Pool hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

LEFT ITEMS: Please check carefully for belongings before you leave. Left items can be mailed to you if requested and you will be charged shipping costs plus a $20 service fee. PMV is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

RIGHT OF ENTRY: Guest(s) agree that PMV reserves the right to enter the rental property any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damage, to make such repairs, alterations or improvements as we may deem appropriate, or to show the property to prospective purchasers or guests (in which case prior notification will be given).

SECURITY & SAFETY RISKS: ALWAYS LOCK DOORS AND WINDOWS WHEN YOU LEAVE THE CONDO! When you rent the condo, you assume responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property. Always lock the doors and windows when you leave the condo. Those units with digital codes are changed with every guest. Guest is responsible for lost key replacement costs. Children are welcome in most units, but there are conditions in and around the condo that may pose hazardous to them, as well as to adults, such as the ocean, pool and stairways. PMV does not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from your failure to use due caution. Children must be supervised at all times. Candles are not allowed due to fire hazard.

INDEMNIFICATION & HOLD HARMLESS: While Platinum Maui Vacations, (PMV), and its Property Owners strive to maintain their Condos in the finest condition, no guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding suitability or for any particular purpose. All Guest(s) and their invitees use the Kapalua Resort Property structures and premises at their own risk. Platinum Maui Vacations and its Property Owners shall not be held liable or otherwise responsible in any way for injury to any Guest and/or their invitees that is caused or permitted to be caused by the intentional or unintentional acts of said Guest(s) and/or invitees, or by the failure of structures, appliances, BBQs furnishings, and/or other equipment, whether by malfunction, misuse, acts of God/nature, and/or are otherwise naturally occurring. No guarantees are expressed nor implied as to the suitability of utilities and other services provided to the Vacation Properties and adjacent structures and premises. No guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding the suitability/compatibility of materials utilized in the construction of the Vacation Property and/or its contents. Platinum Maui Vacations and its Property Owners shall not be held liable nor otherwise responsible in any way for allergic reactions to Guest(s) or invitees, caused or permitted to be caused by materials utilized in the manufacture of the Vacation Property and/or its contents, nor from mold and/or airborne spores, nor from pet/animal allergens, nor from chemical agents including, but not limited to appliances, linens, carpeting, utensils, fixtures, hot tubs, and/or other equipment. By written or electronic endorsement of this Agreement, Guest(s) and invitees hereby agree to forever hold-harmless and indemnify Platinum Maui Vacations and its Property Owners from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability/responsibility of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the Guest(s) use of the property.